Management Team

The key management team has well over a quarter century of active and ‘at arms length’ experience in the cannabis and hemp industries.  Colorado is the ‘true north’ center of the activity in both legal and recreational cannabis and the CBD arenas.  With over a century of experience and expertise in capital formation, business development and public sector, over the next two to three years, we will carve out a unique position as a publicly traded entity in this space.

Phillip Allen

CEO, Chairman

Allen offers a 20-year track record of providing leadership for start-up companies as a senior executive, founder or consultant. As a key leader within a number of hi-tech companies, he has successfully facilitated taking companies public through reverse mergers as well as numerous types of SEC registrations. With Strategic Capital Partners, Phil has a history of structuring, start-up planning and funding for numerous clients throughout the United States, as well as the Peoples Republic of China. He held the position of Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman of our Board of Director of Walker Lane Exploration Inc. (Ticker:GSPN) from July 23, 2013 through November 3, 2014. He was Chief Executive Officer of China Wi-Max Communications – (Ticker: CHWM) from 2006 – 2010; Investor Relations Consultant – 2004-2006 of Life Line Nutraceuticals, (Ticker: LFLT.OB) and Chief Executive Officer of China Wireless Communications, (Ticker: CWLC.OB) from 2002 – 2003. He has provided expertise in capital structure, staffing, seed/first stage funding and strategic planning for two major networks in China. Phil holds a B.S., B.A. and M.A. in Business & Administration from Central Michigan University with Doctoral work in Labor and Industrial Relations at Michigan State University.

Anthony Panasuk


CEO, CFO Cosmetics By Design, Inc. (CBDI)

After working for 25 years as a CPA in the tax, accounting, and budgeting fields in both the private and public business sectors, Tony knows that a business does stand-alone by its financial numbers but how those financial numbers are used to form the best productive and strategic decisions in moving a company forward successfully by advising top management on the options that are available. Tony has founded several successful companies to include merchant processing and industrial hemp related, worked as a Revenue Agent with the IRS (Tulsa,OK) and auditor with the Department of Interior Office of Inspector General (Lakewood, CO), in addition to having a CPA firm that specialized in taxes and finances for major league baseball players (1986 – 2010). In the securities area, Tony has worked as a Series 7 Registered Representative with three brokerage firms. Tony received his CPA license from the state of Colorado in 1986 (#10132-expired) and was also licensed as a Series 7 and Series 63 Registered Representative. Tony is retired as a Major in the Colorado Army National Guard with advanced branches in the Signal and Transportation Corps. Tony holds a B.A. degree in Accounting from Minnesota State University – Moorhead (MN)- 1975.

Keith Simon

CFO, Finance & Business Development Advisor

Mr. Simon has extensive experience in finance, operations, management, and administration.  Early in his career Mr. Simon held the position of Controller for Green-Tree Communities, a real estate development company in Florida that built three large Planned Unit Developments on Florida’s west coast. Later he moved into the sports world working for Edward J. DeBartolo at Thistledown Racetrack and Louisiana Downs as the track accountant and was promoted to General Manager at Thistledown overseeing 254 days of Thoroughbred Horse Racing per year. Following a successful management tenure, Mr. Simon was asked to move to stabilize the San Francisco 49ers business office for Edward J. DeBartolo, Jr. as the CFO and Vice President of Business Operations, working with Bill Walsh and John McVay, managing the operations of 450 football games including 5 Super Bowls, and 6 international games, as well as managing Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Logistics, administration. Mr. Simon was instrumental in providing players, coaches, and other employees’ financial and fiscal advice and was the primary link to the Owner, Mr. DeBartolo, Jr. After a change in ownership, Mr. Simon was recruited by the Owner of the Oakland A’s to provide investment advice and manage several subsidiary companies including a Helicopter Charter Company, private jet operations, Property Tax presentations and reductions, and mentored for the Oakland A’s. Concurrently, Mr. Simon was hired to facilitate and manage a $2.7 billion aircraft leasing company acquisition for Pacific Life’s subsidiary Aviation Capital Group. Mr. Simon has also served as an investment advisor with Smith Barney, now Morgan Stanley with securities licenses Series 7, 63, 65, and California Insurance license. Mr. Simon also served as CFO, secretary-treasurer, and board member for Goldspan Resources, a publicly held company.

Iain Stewart

VP Strategic Planning, Director

As a key executive with Strategic Capital Partners since 2009, Iain has advised and mentored start- up companies in areas of technology and management. In addition, as the Principal Technologist at Carrier Access (now Force 10 Networks) he managed the development of cell site voice/data compression solutions for mobile carriers. Iain has also provided direction, technical support and leadership for regional networks in China and India. From 1998 to 2003, he consulted on business propositions for clients of CH2M Hill for nationwide networks In Europe and the Far East costing $9.1 utilizing fiber, LMDS, power line and 4G wireless, and managed their deployment. From 1987 to 1998, Iain was the Director and a consultant for various companies in developing radically new data services for their networks and facilitating service integration between landline and wireless services (e.g. voice mail integration, notification and text messaging). During this time, Iain mentored Qualcomm’s development of the IS-95 system culminating in its acceptance as the second N. American standard at the TR45.3 committee meeting in January ‘94. CDMA has since become the basis of all subsequent technologies for cell phone access. He also managed the development of the first software Gateway to bridge between the Internet and cell phones. Iain holds a B.S. in Physics and Applied Mathematics, a M.Ed. in Education, an M.S. in Systems Design & Analysis and a PhD in Physics from St Andrews University, Scotland.

Steve Marks

VP Business Development

Steve Marks is a business entrepreneur who has owned and operated several companies including a computer graphics firm, communications company and an environmental company. Range of interest in computers, physics, chemistry, communications, energy and business. Owned and operated a computer graphics firm in North Carolina, specializing in CD-ROM publishing, microfiche transfer and internet development. Owned and operated a communications company in Florida, installed and maintained communication equipment in cell towers throughout the US. Owned and operated an environmental company in Florida, specializing in mold remediation and air quality. Developed and marketed an EPA registered non-toxic biocide used in remediation projects.

Steve was responsible for developing and building large scale vertical farms for Nuskin International. Our 10,000 sq.ft. facility in Provo produces over 4-tons of high-quality wheatgrass daily which is then freeze dried and made into powder for a nutritional supplement. Completed construction phase and continued managing the entire growing process from seed to harvest. Additionally, he assisted in the development and operation of a fully automated vertical farm in our 38,000 sq.ft. facility in Vineyard. This new grow machine produces over 2-tons daily of wheatgrass within a 1,000 sq.ft. footprint. Operated the Research & Development lab that provided the growing protocol and nutritional value for a variety of micro-greens and grasses grown within the vertical farm.

Currently Mr. Marks is developing and operating a 1,250 acre farm cultivating a variety of hemp strains in Utah. Working with the Utah Department of Agriculture and Utah State University on a study of the growing characteristics of industrial hemp. Study emphasizes what type of soil and nutrients are essential for a premium grade hemp strain. This three year study will analyze soil and plant conditions during and after each growing season to recommend proper protocol to farmers who want to cultivate hemp in the state of Utah.

Dr. Michael Rabinoff, DO, PhD


Mr. Rabinoff has been the CEO of Applied Biometry Inc. since February 2017. Mr. Rabinoff’s mission is to improve treatment results by personalizing treatment selection for psychiatric and neurological conditions. Mr. Rabinoff worked at Kaiser Permanente from September 2003 to January 2017 as an adult psychiatrist and a senior partner. He was also a member of the national committee for plant-based nutrition. Mr. Rabinoff received his Osteopathic Medicine/Osteopathy at the University of New England from 1993 to 1997. He received his PhD from California Institute of Integral Studies in Clinical Psychology in 1993. He attended the University of Chicago from 1967 to 1971.

James Davis

Director of Communications

James worked in the telecom industry in Texas for 20 years for NEC America, DSC Communications, and Nortel Networks. It was at Nortel where he specialized in wireless when it was in its infancy. He worked with TDMA and CDMA systems and further specialized in SS7 protocols as a Technical Writer and later as a Software Test Engineer. When the telecom industry took a downturn in the early 2000’s, he segued into winemaking by starting from scratch a licensed winery in Colorado. Over several years he developed a popular and highly acclaimed wine brand. During this time, he realized the importance of video technologies for marketing a successful brand, so he attended Colorado Film School, earning an AAS degree in Film and Video. To further his winemaking skills, James turned much attention to viticulture to learn all he could about growing grapes. In 2016 he planted the first successful Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard in Mississippi where he had his first grape harvest in 2019. James is excited to join the management team to help grow its product portfolio and investor base. He has a BA in English from the University of Mississippi and a minor in Chemistry from the University of Texas at Arlington. He also attended the University of California at Davis for winemaking courses through Extension.